Critical Fallibilism Site Updates, March 2023

I added a new short article category, multiple email newsletters choices, and donation options.

There are three separate email newsletters to choose from: CF Philosophy, CF News, and Elliot’s Thoughts. CF Philosophy will have fewer emails than I’ve sent in the past, and Elliot’s Thoughts will have more. CF Philosophy articles aren’t included in Elliot’s Thoughts, so subscribe to both if you want both. News will be very infrequent (you’re currently reading the 4th news post in 2 years).

The default is to receive all three newsletters. Please feel free to deselect some if you prefer fewer emails. To manage your email settings, sign in on the Critical Fallibilism website, click “Account” (top right), then click “Manage”, or use this direct link to email settings.

You can send me comments on any post by replying to the email. If you’re reading on the website, you can email me at There’s also a CF discussion forum.

RSS feeds: All Posts, Favorites and News. For now, the favorites feed will have the same selection of posts as the CF Philosophy newsletter.

You can now make a monthly donation to support Critical Fallibilism philosophy writing. The options are $5, $15 or $50. To begin donating, sign in, click “Account” (top right), then click “View plans”, or use this direct link to plans. For now, all CF posts will remain available to free members. If you’re unsure whether to donate, check out my article Specialist Creators with Small Audiences.