(Classical) Liberalism

Liberalism: Reason, Peace and Property is one of my favorite articles. I wrote over 20 separate draft articles about liberalism, then took my best ideas and explanatory approaches and used them for the final article. I wrote the most drafts about the harmony of men’s interests, which was the hardest part to write.

That’s an abstract, theoretical article. I’ve also written about concrete details like By Any Means Necessary: A Violent Marxist Cult. It’s really sad reading testimonials from the victims.

I’m not going to highlight more of my political articles because I think people focus way too much attention on politics. Learning a ton about rationality should precede trying to analyze or debate politics. People waste so much time on unproductive political bickering, and in almost all cases both sides are wrong and both sides don’t know how to use rational methods. Political discussions are full of bias and tribalism. Until you’ve had many organized, productive, objective, rational discussions about easier topics, you aren’t ready for politics. (I don’t recommend politics as a long term goal to aspire to either. It’s pretty unpleasant and it’s very hard to change much.)

People often spend tons of time following political news and being manipulated by it. Staying out of debates doesn’t make that better. The news on both sides is full of lies and propaganda. It’s very hard to avoid being fooled by some of it. You need world class critical thinking skills to sort through it. Many people see some errors and biases, and think they aren’t being fooled. They think they’re catching 95% of the problems when they’re actually catching 20%. It’s very hard to know how much you don’t know. And the reason people put so much energy into politics is because they’ve been manipulated into viewing politics as more urgent and important than it is.