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You can find my Critical Fallibilism articles on the homepage. Below, I share links to other things I’ve been working on.

A theme of my recent videos is grammar. Why? It’s one of the skills that can help people do better at analyzing text, which is a big part of philosophy. Grammar confusion and misreading sentences is also a real problem that I’ve experienced in discussions and found is, in practice, a key bottleneck.

A theme of my recent writing is health and food. Besides being relevant to everyone, it’s interesting as an example of how our society is bad at things. Surprisingly little competent scientific research has ever been done even on well known health topics like caffeine, MSG, gluten, cholesterol, fat and vegetable oil. (Disagree? I’m open to serious debates.) Looking at the bigger picture, one of the causes is that our society is bad at having organized, rational debates which reach decisive conclusions. That’s one of the reasons errors aren’t being corrected very well in science. And it’s a philosophical topic I’ve researched and developed new ideas for.

Critical Fallibilism Videos

I’ve been making videos to help explain CF ideas. I think videos can help people learn and bring some advantages to supplement my articles. I’ve been learning to use more animation. I made two long videos:

And shorter videos:

Curiosity Blog Posts

I put more informal or off-topic articles on my personal blog:

Curiosity Videos

I put more informal or off-topic videos on my personal channel:

Critical Fallibilism Forum Topics

Here are a few recent discussions from the CF forum:


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